• positive review  Excellent job, he did the impossible. He converted my completely rundown and damaged marble to brand new. Excellent customer service. Highly highly recommend him. The best stone restoration guy in town with the best attitude. When he works you can see how much he loves his job. Thank you Rigo.

    Sumita Acharya Avatar Sumita Acharya
    diciembre 10, 2018
  • positive review  Rigo is the best. They did everything they said they would. The job came out incredible. I thought I needed to replace my tired old travertine but Rigo made it look like new. Very professional. I highly recommend Rigo’s services.

    Michael Barney Avatar Michael Barney
    junio 29, 2021
  • positive review  El trabajo de Rigos Stone es extraordinario, We have being doing our business and house with them and the quality of products and restorations are amazing, he has passion for his job and you can see it in the results. i highly recommend it. It is worthy .

    Marisol Crespo Avatar Marisol Crespo
    febrero 11, 2021
  • positive review  We were referred to Rigo by a neighbor. I contacted him and received a proposal quickly. He and his team came to our home to refinish all of our counter tops and seal them. All furniture and doorways were covered for protection. Rigo was on the job and everyone was courteous and professional. I highly suggest using this company. Rigo takes pride in his company and is working hard to build it. The American Dream!

    Constance Ballard Avatar Constance Ballard
    junio 6, 2021
  • positive review  Rigo was very responsive. When dealing with a tough repair job on my natural stone (granite) kitchen countertop, he worked with me to determine the best coloring to choose to make repair work enhance the natural beauty of the stone instead of making it look like a sloppy repair job. I will definitely hire Rigo again for my next job which is to fill and polish my travertine floors. Attached are three pictures of the repairs that Rigo performed. Can you see the repaired areas on the stone? I can’t, and that is why his work is superior than others.

    Deborah A. Dunford Avatar Deborah A. Dunford
    septiembre 18, 2020
Google Reviews

Rosemarie Bone

Concrete chips design – Rigo’s Stone did an amazing and thorough job with my concrete chips. He was always easy to get ahold of and was very attentive to all of my requests. I am more than happy with his excellent customer service and spectacular quality work. My backyard concrete has become even more beautiful than ever. The amount of care they put in this is beyond my expectations. Thank you very much!

tess li

Rigo’ Stone accommodation of working earlier than schedule and coming to my house to give me an estimate was part on how professional the company is. On the first day that he started to get work done in my marble floors he notice that the floors were not getting shiny. He immediately stopped and advised that he need to use diamond pads in order to hone the marble. It took him an additional two days with a crew and f two to four in order to get the job done. It was well worth the wait because the final product was what I was expecting. He covered the walls and made sure nothing else will get wet as there was lots of preparation before actual doing the job. I recommend to use his services, specially in natural stone as it is difficult work. Thank you Rigo for a job well done!

Astrid Rodriguez

Rigo’s Stone was Amazing! He made my vinyl flooring look much better than when it was newly purchased. He left my floors so shiny and clean & for a price no one can beat! I definitely recommend him to anybody looking to restore any type of flooring or even countertops. Plan on using him for the epoxy garage as well☑️ So happy with the work he did🙂

Home Advisor
Home Advisor