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Marble is a soft stone; it can quickly become dull and scratched, especially in high traffic areas. With the Las Vegas deserts being tracked in, it causes traction that can scuff up the marble, but thankfully,  Rigo’s Stone Restoration has a Marble Cleaning and Sealing Service that can remove the filth and keep it better protected with our high grade sealers.

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Granite Material Properties; Heat, Chemical, Scratch & Stain Resistant With Proper Maintenance

Granite tile surfaces have been used widely throughout the Vegas desert among commercial businesses and residential homes for some time. Granite is an igneous rock, formed from magnum, which is extremely hard, dense and brittle. Granite is often used in flooring due to its high durability. True granite material is the hardest of the polished stones available. Granite is also optimal for the use of countertops. Granite is resistant to most chemicals, but is weak when it comes to oils. The oils can permeate the stone. Other benefits to utilizing granite include; it possesses a naturally beautiful and unique patterns and colors, granite is heat resistant and scratch resistant, along with being stain, mold and mildew resistant with the proper care and maintenance. Granite is also resistant to most acids,

Saltillo Tile Cleaning

Saltillo tile is fairly common amongst the commercial buildings and local residents in Greater Las Vegas. Being a form of handmade tile originating from Mexico, it is typically stained in beautiful shades of yellow, oranges, and beiges. It is one of the more porous materials found in tile and can be very difficult to clean by the untrained. If the sealant has worn away, or the Saltillo was never sealed to begin with, the porosity is high and the tile is very absorbent, accumulating layers upon layers of dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria. Saltillo is also susceptible to stains due to the porous nature. Rigo’s Stone Restoration technicians possesses the skills and knowledge to remove the build up and revitalize you

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